Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Bakery Shop 'D Bread Station (Segamat)'

           When I think it over and over again, I could not believe it. I've opened a shop..a bakery shop. So many effort I put in it. Far beyond that, I travel every week from Sabah to Johore just to make sure that everything is going smoothly and as I planned. Of course I have my sister who I can trust to manage this shop. Without her help, my bakery shop would be nothing. People around Segamat already know D Bread Station and they keep coming. This will be my future financial, my ups and downs....everything I have in my bakery shop 'D Bread Station'.

          Please view and 'eat' my mouth filling bread photos.....

Apple Bun

                                Cheese Bun

 Cheese Stick Pastry

 Coffee Bun

Garlic Bun

                            Nacho Chicken Sausage

 Raisin Bun

My shop address is:
No. 21 Ground Floor Jalan Genuang Perdana
Taman Genuang Perdana
85000 Segamat 
Hadi: 0172364318
Ain: 0177806918

Or you can visit my Facebook page at:!/

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  1. Salam

    Saya ingin mndpt pndgn encik brkenaan francais D Bread ni. Saya sbnrnya brminat utk join this franchise and hopefully can get your kind advice. How about the product? Support from franchisor, ok? bout the capital? and lastly bout the income, so far?

    I really need your advice before I join this franchise. Very hope u will email me your advice at

    Thanks in advance for your great advice.

    Best Regards
    Mohd Faizul Hj Mohd Noor

  2. emel juga kepada saya di tq

  3. d bread station ade official website tak???

  4. You're very lucky to have a caring sister who is willing help further your career. I would like to try that Nacho Chicken Sausage someday. Who came up with the recipes?

  5. I'm glad everything bore fruit, Abdul. Your sister must be really proud of you and has high hopes on you.

    @Judith: I would also love to taste that! And that Cheese Stick Pastry! Hmm!

  6. I am so craving for that coffee bun, Abdul! Which reminds me of my favorite Roti Mum's coffee bun! I wonder how your coffee bun tastes. How sweet of you to mention your sister here, your sister deserves that.